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"They say that the house was built in 1924. But there were no beds ever known to have been in the house. When every family for fifty years died of mysterious circumstances, their bodies were collected but no beds found. Why would the spirit in this house want to leave us with no place to rest?" 

No Place To Rest is a rules-light scary story simulator. In this game, you play a collection of amateur paranormal investigators who are investigating the strange hauntings inside an even stranger house. 

This game is a one-move Powered by the Apocalypse game, with hints of Belonging Outside Belonging. This game only requires one eight-sided die and a couple of tokens to play! There are eight different unique Jobs for you to portray, all the ghost hunting essentials: 

  • Architect
  • Techie 
  •  Fighter 
  •  Historian 
  •  Guide 
  •  Tracker 
  •  Investigator 
  •  Summoner


This game has its basis out of Dubious Pursuits by Nested Games. 


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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